Monday, June 22, 2009


Tim Burton creates his own version of Alice in Wonderland!

heres the link

perez hilton attacked in toronto

here is perez's personal statement about what happened to him in Toronto last night:
video statement

here is a link to his twitter:

I agree with him that violence is never the answer. but, do you really have to write twitter posts in the heat of such a serious event? and also, do you really have to post a 12 minute long video crying and yelling? its just sort of ridiculous. this guy does more harm than he does good. however, i can't imagine being one of those people to tell him he deserved it. physical harm doesn't solve anything. maybe i don't really understand all of this because i'm not one of those people who takes anything on his sight seriously. its supposed to be bullshit and people really shouldn't get so bent out of shape about it. He really shouldn't create such a hype about it though, just let the authorities deal with it and don't whine to the rest of the world.

as for i still like the song boom boom pow. but lighten up dude. perez is a twerp with pink hair. why do you care what he thinks anyway?

Sunday, June 21, 2009

love it! Ben Kweller performing on Craig Ferguson.

Ben Kweller puts on the best show. This song, Wantin Her Again, is one of my absolute favorites off of his new album, Changing Horses. I urge you to check out the whole thing, especially if you're willing to listen to something thats very folky, and a little country. Even if the music isn't your thing, if you ever get a change you go to one of his shows i am sure you will agree with me that he is excellent live. I have already seen him twice in the past year, and 3 times since I've lived in Boston. I am seeing him again in August at the Newport Folk Festival! I seriously can't wait!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Hey everyone, no one, you, whoever you are....

I'm sorry that life got in the way of my blogging, but im sure you'll forgive me.
I'm still here in London and I've started writing my final papers.
Therefore my brain is too fried to write a meaningful post.
but i thought i'd check in and say, "HEY!" and give you a new list of things


baguettes- of all variety. i don't discriminate

These sneaks in red.

I really like the color red right now, and also pink

This television show. Seriously, thank me later. you'll be obsessed just like me.

This deliciousness.

Tony Stonem- Skins. Also, he was Marcus in about a boy, when he was little one! Look how handsome he has become!

Portobello Market

Feta cheese!

Hyde Park

Ice cream cones with Flake bar in them.

South Bank and everything in it.

Conor Oberst- get his cd, also obsessed with Bright Eyes right now, but that's old news

Also, I read a bit of this book. It's quite strange, but if someone you know has a copy, pick it up and give it a try. Don't waste your money on it though.

Breakfast with Buddha was pretty good, though! See previous entry.


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