Monday, June 22, 2009

perez hilton attacked in toronto

here is perez's personal statement about what happened to him in Toronto last night:
video statement

here is a link to his twitter:

I agree with him that violence is never the answer. but, do you really have to write twitter posts in the heat of such a serious event? and also, do you really have to post a 12 minute long video crying and yelling? its just sort of ridiculous. this guy does more harm than he does good. however, i can't imagine being one of those people to tell him he deserved it. physical harm doesn't solve anything. maybe i don't really understand all of this because i'm not one of those people who takes anything on his sight seriously. its supposed to be bullshit and people really shouldn't get so bent out of shape about it. He really shouldn't create such a hype about it though, just let the authorities deal with it and don't whine to the rest of the world.

as for i still like the song boom boom pow. but lighten up dude. perez is a twerp with pink hair. why do you care what he thinks anyway?

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  1. Perez should've taken it like a man... he goes around bashing celebs on a daily basis and drawing things on their faces and expects to not get attacked? It comes with the territory... I think he deserved to get hit, and shouldn't have made a scene haha



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