Friday, September 25, 2009

A Little Redirection.

So I recently got some feedback from from very helpful people.
I went in search of help. I wondered what I could do to get some more people to follow this blog?
I love writing in it, I try to make it look pretty, and I try to make it very upbeat and positive, chronicling the little pleasures in life that help me get by.
Everyone suggested that though my page is visually appealing, it doesn't really have a cohesive idea to it.
I figured that the cohesive idea to it all is the life that I live, but I realized I didn't really provide a background to it all.

Here it is, short and sweet:

I am from New Jersey, and it's the place I will always call home. In New Jersey, I live very close to New York City, so I consider that my home, as well. Then I decided to go to college in Boston, at Boston University, where I am now a senior. I also spent time this past summer studying in London. I love cities, because they are so filled with culture and adventures in such a confined space. I have been very fortunate to be able to do a lot of traveling to different cities around the world. Some of the most interesting people flock to these places and so much is always going on. Even so, I love my little New Jersey town, and I always try to find beauty and happiness no matter where I go, whether it be in a rural town or a crowded city. It's all about the keeping a clear head and staying optimistic.

With that being said, I will try to make these ideas more clear in my future entries.
As much as I love this blog, I would love to have more people to share it with.
I would love to find some common ground for all of us!

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