Thursday, November 11, 2010

Foodie Fun: Blue Hill at Stone Barns

We finally made it to Blue Hill at Stone Barns for dinner last night. The restaurant is in Sleepy Hollow, NY on a farm, and the menu is changed daily to highlight the best ingredients of the day. The ingredients are from the farm right on premises, and others in Westchester County. The rest comes from the Barber's family farm in Massachusetts that has been in the chef's family for three generations. I'm not gonna lie, I heard about this place on Top Chef one season. The contestants went to the farm and the challenge was to use the ingredients on the farm to create a family-style feast.

We got the 8 course tasting menu, and everything was really fresh and delicious. There were some very interesting ingredients featured, and they explained a lot of them to us before they were served. It was very elegant, but maybe a little too pretentious. My favorite part was probably when all the servers would make eye contact with each other before presenting our plates to us- they wanted to make sure they did it at the same time! And after the plates were down one of them would explain what we had.

At one point, the waiter was telling us there was an ingredient called "tat soy" in our dish, and my father asks, "There are CATS in this dish?" The waiter responded, "That's funny. I usually laugh louder." It was funny, but a little odd since our waiter was actually being a jerk. Unless he's just really good at keeping a straight face.

Anyway, the food was really good, and eventually I stopped taking pictures because I got more involved in the eating aspect of things. But I'll say my favorite dishes were the fish dish, an egg dish, and a beet salad. And my very favorite was a "red fife" brioche with fresh ricotta cheese from the "19 cows on the Barber's family farm" and a green pesto-y tasting marmade. The desserts were also pretty fabulous. Also there was a potato and onion bread with dehydrated vegetable salts made from tomato and fennel.

Sorry the pictures are a little blurry, no flash photography is allowed in the dining room, and the room was pretty dark. You pretty much can't see on your way to the bathroom. Our next plan is to visit the farm during the day and go to the Blue Hill Cafe that is also on premises- its much more casual and probably a little less pricey. Also, our dinner was 3 and a half hours long, but it went pretty fast surprisingly!

1) Fresh vegetables from the garden.
2) Jess, Me, Melina.
3) Beet sliders and some potato sticks (foodie fries) wrapped with pancetta and sesame seeds
4) Beet salad
5) Dad with his beet slider. hated it.
6) red fife brioche with black repper, ricotta, and green marmalade.
7) last course: apples (that look like the ones my dogs take off our tree in the backyard) and maple fudge.

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