Sunday, October 10, 2010

Fall Clothes on the Sartorialist

I was just catching up on all the Sartorialist photos I missed, and I must say, some of them make me so excited for fall clothes! Cute and snuggly.

Are these tights? Or leggings? Either way, I want them immediately. I really like this hair style too, I'm going to try to figure it out.

And I love everything about this basically. That shirt underneath the jacket looks so cozy, and that scarf, well, I think I need to make myself a gray scarf like that asap. Maybe that will be a good distraction from the midterm paper I have to write today.

This picture makes me want to start wearing my cute hats. It's finally cold enough and I definitely didn't wear them enough last year. This sweater also looks amazing. I wish I could pull off the short hair look, but I've learned it's just something that will never happen for me again. Everytime I cut my hair short I end up hating it and spend the rest of my life growing it out. Oh well. Rapunzel hair it shall be.

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  1. Oh, girl I agree with you on ALL fronts! These outfits are to die for! (btw - I'm your newest blog follower!)



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