Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Snuggie Man

The following is a poem I wrote for creative writing class approximately one year ago. It's about Snuggies. Enjoy. (PS. I got an A+ for this one).

Snuggie Man

I should have invented the Snuggie.

It’s not like I haven’t wished my blanket had sleeves,

But I was too lazy to do something about it.

And you know someone out there

Has a blanket with sleeves

They made to wear around the house

And now they are kicking themselves

Because there is now a Snuggie millionaire out there

Making Snuggies for himself out of silk and gold.

I guess people haven’t realized yet

A Snuggie is backwards bathrobe.

But at least we aren’t wearing Shamwows.

Kudos to you, Snuggie man.

You have balls.

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