Friday, November 13, 2009

Sleep No More

The title of this post is so appropriate considering I woke up at 7 am for no reason, but no, Sleep No More is actually the name of a play that I went to see last night.
If you can even call it a play.
The website describes it as "an immersive production inspired by Shakespeare’s Macbeth, told through the lens of a Hitchcock thriller."
I hadn't thought of the Hitchcock thing before I went, but now that makes a lot of sense. This "play" was like nothing I'd ever experienced. It was a sort of immersion theater where you walk around this huge building, decorated to the nines, and follow the characters around. It's EXTREMELY dark, and they make everyone that isn't a character wear these really ridiculous alien masks, and you follow whatever characters you want around to different scenes. You end up seeing the play in your own unique way. No one experience can really be the same since everyone sees everything from a different perspective.
I met up with a couple of people from my "Performing Gender" class, but we immediately lost each other because the point of the play is to have your own experience, so I was quickly separated from whoever I knew, and then even if I was around them after that, it was hard to tell because it was dark and everyone was wearing masks.
At first I felt like I was in a horror film, they gave us all some time to walk around and see the setting, but then events began to happen one by one until it got to the point where you were literally running after characters to see where they were going! I never thought I would break a sweat at a theatrical production.

Heres the video on their site, but I must say it does not do the best in explaining. I guess that's the thrill of it though- you really have no idea what you're getting yourself into, so everything is that much more surprising!

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