Monday, April 12, 2010


I have decided to go to NYU in the fall!
It's been quite the journey, figuring out what I want to do after I graduate, what schools I'm applying to, and then finding out who would even accept me! These past four years have been quite the adventure, and it took me so long to find my way in a world full of so many choices. But right now I am feeling absolutely fantastic about where my life has taken me. I'm just happy that I feel like all of my hard work at BU has paid off. I feel like everything I went through was worth it. So, in the fall, you can find me in the West Village.


ps. Those are pictures I took last summer in Washington Square and from the roof of my sister's apartment building.


  1. This means we'll both be students! I just registered for my fall classes! Can't wait to find out your schedule so we can do lunch sometime lol.

    I'm so proud of you! Love ya

  2. students at NYU, I mean. Haha sorry, I've been up since ye olde crack with the crazies...

  3. congratulations!! I think you made the right choice. :)

  4. since I'm trying to stay away from facebook for at least one week I'll comment here, congrats!! I now have another person to visit in new york :)

  5. wahooo lady!! congratulations and welcome to ny! the west village is my favorite area in the whole of the city.



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