Sunday, July 12, 2009

For all the photography geeks out there.

So I am kind of dying for a polaroid camera. just a simple one, like this one.

For all that I know, there's one hidden in all of my old trash in the basement, because i KNOW we used to have one. I definitely had one that used to print out stickers, which was pretty awesome.

Even so, my number one priority is to get a wide-angle lens for my sony DSLR. but I will definitely wait for my birthday for that since it's so darn expensive. it will be totally worth it though.

The one thing that's kind of ridiculous is that one container of polaroid film is more expensive than the camera itself!
observe here.

Something about polaroids photos look so unique and classic and they make everything look ten times more hip, yet dainty.

What else I really want to find and I haven't been able to find in the drugstores anymore is a black&white disposable camera. those pictures always come out so awesome for some reason, and i haven't been able to find one for the life of me. they used to be all over the place but i don't even think they make them anymore.

when i have more dispensable money i'll satisfy some of these cravings.

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  1. Oh my GOSH. I got my polaroid a year ago right when they stopped manufacturing the film. I've had to use my 3 packs so sparingly because of the wild prices of buying more!!! It's so so sad!

    Also, I am on the lookout for black and white disposables. They're escaping me now, but hopefully not for long. I love the way they look and it seems kind of hard to go wrong. B& classic. Good luck!



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