Monday, July 20, 2009

Justifying my deceptively healthy habit!

SELF magazine online posted this article that not only justifies having a coffee habit, but also whole-heartedly supports and encourages one!

in fact, it even says that my one daily cup isn't even enough! they say that even four cups is alright and actually good for you since it dramatically decreases your chance of getting many unpleasant diseases.

also, apparently its a good thing to drink coffee before exercising. it helps you work out longer and with more energy. i'd heard that before but wasn't sure how true it was. the key is to wait at least an hour after drinking the coffee to work out, or else you get those painful stomach cramps.

the only thing there is to worry about is drinking way too much, or drinking it late at night. what the article also stresses is the importance of paying attention to what you put in your coffee. If you put a lot of sugar and milk you are adding lots of extra unhealthy calories.

anyway, I LOVE COFFEE!

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