Monday, December 7, 2009

Get Well Soon Rivers!

I was supposed to go to a Weezer, Jacks Mannequin, and Manchester Orchestra concert tonight.
But then this horrible thing happened!
On the way to Boston to give us a spectacular concert, the ice on the road caused Rivers Cuomo's tourbus to fishtail and crash into a ditch.
He and his assistant were injured, both with broken ribs and Rivers with some internal injuries, too.
Although I am really bummed, ( I was supposed to go backstage and meet Andrew McMahon, lead singer of Jack's Mannequin, before the show. And we all know how much I love him!) I just hope Rivers gets better soon and then can deliver the amazing show that I know he'll be capable of once he heals.
Love you Rivers, my nerd hero! And Andrew, there's always next time!
They are supposed to be rescheduling all the December shows they had to cancel, so when I finally do get to meet Andrew I will DEFINITELY be letting you know, and posting pictures!

Everyone listen to Pinkerton today, maybe all the love will heal him more quickly.



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