Thursday, August 19, 2010

Ben Kweller

My sister and I are huge Ben Kweller fans. Any time he's in town, whether we are living in Boston or New York, we go see him perform. This time, he was opening for Barenaked Ladies at Radio City Music Hall in NYC. Now I must tell you, Barenaked Ladies were awful so we only stayed for like 2.5 songs. Just couldn't take it any more. But Ben was brilliant as always. I really really missed seeing him be the headliner, because that's truly what he deserves. He's so great, and seeing him in intimate venues before like The Paradise and The Avalon and Somerville Theatre, seeing him up in the nosebleed seats of radio city was just not the same. But regardless, I am huge supporter and will always see him when possible. I was going to buy a t-shirt of his or something, but it turns out I already owned everything they had for sale in the BK merch tent. It's love.

ps. that stick is a light up stick they put in my glass of wine so they could charge me ten dollars for it. I made Jess do silly things with it. And we had a delicious dinner, too.


  1. It looks like my temperature is being taken with a glowstick .

  2. oh man, it does look like fun--glowstick and all.



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