Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Quote of the Week

He insists on a version of you that is funnier, stranger, more eccentric and profound than you suspect yourself to be--capable of doing more good and more harm in the world than you've ever imagined--it is all but impossible not to believe, at least in his presence and a while after you've left him, that he alone sees through your essence, weighs your true qualities . . . and appreciates you more fully than anyone else ever has.
The Hours Michael Cunningham

(photo via diamondinthedark)


  1. ahh such a good quote!! and inspiring as well! and i just wanted to say i noticed myself in your blogroll! you are a sweetheart, but i thought i would let you know that i changed the url for my blog a few weeks ago and have been updating often. sorry for any inconvenience!


  2. ahh i thought that i fixed it. can you let me know what the right url is again? i'll change it!

  3. whoa. ok i need to read this a few more times and then ponder. i need to see the hours.

  4. it's my fault. so sorry. it's now: bright-star-oratorios.blogspot.com

    i feel bad. i have had to help others to who were confused. let me know if you have any other questions!



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