Saturday, February 13, 2010

Coffee and Art Supplies

Few things please me more than a delicious latte accompanied by an art supply shopping spree.
But throw in a 1 day only, 40% off coupon to Blick Art Supply and I might as well be soaring through the clouds. Very few things make me feel so satisfied. I bought 55 dollars worth of art supplies, and only had to pay 32! And not only that, but they validated my parking so it was free for the first hour! So I got free parking. In Boston. Never happens.
It was all just a wonderful sequence of events.
I am now caffeinated and ready to get my creative juices flowing! Yay!

Our next assignment for art class is to construct a box 18x24x16, with a lid, out of cardboard and tape. Therefore I had to scrounge around in the recycling room for some people's leftover boxes and such. The security guard walked down just as I was walking out with a huge box and seemed rather confused as to why I was actually removing garbage from the garbage room.
I am so happy I decided to take this drawing class. Everything about it is amusing, even the ridiculous things I have to do, like taking other people's garbage.

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