Tuesday, February 23, 2010

My To Do List

So I have about a million things to get done and very little time to do them.
I shouldn't even be blogging right now, but I thought if I could write out the list, post it for others to see, and post it for myself to see, I would be more apt to do them quickly.
After all, I look at this blog frequently, it makes me happy.
So this entry is pretty much for me.
To tell myself, stop blogging and DO SOMETHING PRODUCTIVE!

Things to do:
1. Finish your cultural commentary. For tomorrow.
2. Pick 10 Drawings for your midterm assment, and clean them up. For Thursday night.
3. Start/ finish your short story for next Tuesday (March 2nd).
4. Start/finish your paper on 18th Century Children's stories (4 pages). Due March 4th..
5. Start/finish your magazine analysis paper (6 pages) on Shape Magazine. Due March 3rd 17th yayyyyy extension!
6. For the love of God, buy print cartridges! TODAY.
7. Also, invest in some nyquil, because you're getting a cold, and cream for your coffee.
Because right now you're very tired and can't have any coffee. And you're pissed.

Can't wait for Spring break. Gahhhhhhhh

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