Monday, February 8, 2010

Paper Sculptures

After our assignment to go to the Museum and draw a skeleton, we had to switch drawings with someone in our class and make a "sculpture" of their drawing out of paper and tape. It must be the same size as the drawing and have the same number of ribs, verterbrae, etc. And then, once our partner gives us their sculpture of our drawing, we must draw the sculpture. exhausting, no?

This drawing is my attempt at drawing the sculpture that my partner, Hector, made of my original drawing, posted in my last drawing post.

This is the sculpture Hector made resembling my drawing.

This is Hector's original drawing that I had to make a sculpture of.

This is the sculpture! Kinda cool! Took me forever.

Anyway, this assignment has been super frustrating and I still have to finish that drawing, as you can see, and then draw another one of it at a different angle. I'm tired.

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