Monday, February 15, 2010

Here I Go Again, Obsessing Over Anthony Bourdain

So I'm not gonna lie.
I'm one of those people who watches Anthony Bourdain: NoReservations, and at times I find myself speaking out loud, "This guy is freaking amazing." Yes, when I am alone.
Also, I am a "fan" of his show, and him as a person, on facebook, where I found this article.
I find it extremely hilarious how he pretty much hates on everything, but he is sadly right about it all. And the things that he does like, well, I tend to listen to him, because he has good taste.
He was asked about where food trends are headed in the year to come, and he directly commented about this place, Momofuku, in New York (of course), and then I stalked the menu. And it looks so good and I want to go. Because we all know how much I love noodles and fine dining.

I'm obsessed. period the end.

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