Monday, February 1, 2010

My Day at the Harvard Museum of Natural History

For my drawing class, my homework was go to the Harvard Museum of Natural History and pick a skeleton to draw, rib for rib, vertebrae for vertebrae, everything had to be specific.
I loved this museum! I thought it was really cool to see all of the animals they had, many of which I had never seen before, and certainly not as up close! sure, they were all stuffed orskeletons but it was crazy some of the stuff they had! Not only did they have all this cool stuff, but there were not a lot of people there at all! It was very quiet, a very good environment for drawing. It had all the cool stuff that the New York Museum of Natural History has, but 100 times less tourists.
Also, the lighting in there was just fantastic. I took A LOT of pictures, and I'll show you a bunch here!

The Moropus, a descendent of the horse and rhinoceros.

(PS. this skeleton is 42 feet long.) Could you imagine if this creature was still around to this day. No one would ever want to swim in the ocean, that's for damn sure.

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