Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Boring Adventures of Dinosaur Sculpting Part I

So you know how I had to make a small dino sculpture?
Well now I have to make one that's my height (5'4")
It's taking FOREVER, and it sucks because it's not like a paper where I can go out somewhere with my laptop and do my work.
No, I have so much crap and materials and cardboard and tape and scraps that I am confined to my apartment basically. I spent so much time on it today and before I knew it it was dark outside and it was dinnertime and then I got very tired, which is where I am right now.
I just want to be done with this stupid thing. I hope tomorrow I figure out something FAST so I can get this thing finished. Regardless, I am making sure I go out and do something productive and fun for a little bit, like a trip to starbucks and a little bookshop browsing, and some yoga and a jog perhaps.
At least today I spent some time making myself a good dinner.

Anyway, I am making more than one dino post because this is quite a process, and I am taking pictures as I go along. Here's the start of it:

Step One: gather a whole bunch of "materials" such as cardboard, scissors, a cardboard cutter, wire, and several kinds of tape.
Step Two: Consult drawing from which to make a replica. Devise some sort of loose plan.
Step Three: Start with the head and neck, make it out of cardboard then rethink it and redo it entirely out of paper.
Step Four: Go through the tedious task of creating a durable rib cage that can be disassembled:
Step Five: Put it all together and hope that the rest of the dinosaur will be easier, and faster, to make:

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