Sunday, March 7, 2010

Hooray it's Spring Break!

So it's Spring Break! I'm out of class until the 15th and am in New Jersey. Though I'm not in class it doesn't mean that I don't have lots to do. For a couple days, however, I'm just trying to chill out, and I'm pacing myself for all the things I must get accomplished, such as:
1) Writing my 6 page magazine anaylsis (No biggie)
2) Create a replica of my dino skeleton that is MY HEIGHT: (5'4" ish) out of cardboard, string, wire and tape, and it must fit in an 18X24X16 box, and it must be reassembled in class in under 3 minutes and it must stand for 3 hours. BIGGIE. I have no freaking clue how I'm going to accomplish this.
3) Also, I have various yearly doctors appointments that I must go to, and get poked and prodded in many lovely places,
4) As well as cleaning out an ENTIRE room of various knick knacks and pieces of crap that I've collected throughout my life.
5) Also, I am going to try to work out/do yoga most days, if not every day. I don't know how feasible/realistic this is
6) I also want to finish reading the Wild Things

And through all this, I must also make time for some activities! Just writing this has exhausted me. I think I'll make myself some tea.

Ps. It's getting prettier outside!
PPs. I'm sorry I don't remember where I found this picture. But it's really lovely.

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