Wednesday, March 17, 2010

My Tumblr

Hey guys, does anyone else out there have a tumblr?
I do, and have for a while. I sort of forgot about it for a bit but last semester the spark was reignited. I think I ignored it for a while because I was very wrapped up in this blog, which I still am, but I discovered that my tumblr could actually contribute to this blog, by helping me to gather quotes and pictures to make Born in the Doorway prettier!
What I'm asking you guys is:
1. Do you have a tumblr?
2. Do you have any favorite tumblrs that you follow?
3. Would you follow my tumblr? I would follow yours!

I am looking for more tumblrs to look at, and more people to look at mine! I may be more motivated to make it interesting that way :)

Here is a link to mine:
I originally started it as an assignment for my mass communications class junior year, but I have held onto it because it's so much fun to look at everyone's posts.

(photo via Daniel Terrio's Photostream, discovered through tumblr)


  1. some good ones:

    buddhabrot-- posts gorgeous pictures of landscapes/forms and the like all the time. love most of them.

    tweetmuseum-- once a week, takes a celebrity's tweet and illustrates it. they are hilarious.

    thedailywhat-- where I get all of my interesting internet/real life information each day. if I've ever directed you to a site it was probably originally on there.

    lolliblog-- if you follow anything on collegehumor, this is Jake Hurwitz' mom. she's a teacher in CT and writes beautiful/hilarious things.

    beautifulordinaire-- also writes in an oddly beautiful way and includes interesting self-taken pictures.

  2. thanks jac! these all look like fun, and a nice variation from the ones I already look at. gracias :)



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