Friday, March 26, 2010

Mosaics and Dinos

I've taken a bunch of photos of the projects we've been doing in drawing class lately, and I must say they are pretty neat to look at. There are two mosaics, where our teacher would give each of us a tiny scrap of paper that was part of a bigger piece, and we would have to enlarge our piece to 18x24 and then connect all the pieces together to make a larger version of it. We weren't allowed to see the completed piece before figuring it out on our own. The other project is a room full of dinos! And my new dino.

This first picture is from Tuesday, with everyone's successful and unsuccessful dinos. We had to draw them. My dino, along with many others, were so complex that they couldn't be put together in under three minutes. Thursday we had to return with a successful dino.

This is Gregory. On Tuesday night I had to come home, take apart the amazing Alfonso, who took me DAYS to complete, and put Gregory together in like 20 minutes time. I guess the lesson I learned from this is that sometimes going over the top is not beneficial. Sometimes you have to keep things simple to get the job done. I'm not sure if that's what I was supposed to learn, but that's all I got. I guess Gregory is still kinda cute, and he's my height and stands for three hours and can be put together in like 2 minutes.

This is a mosaic we did of a VanGogh painting. It was a major pain in the ass because the whole thing is basically shading. It's funny because we were told not to do any shading in the entire class, but here we are shading entire pieces of paper. Whatever. I guess it looks cool. My drawing is on the bottom left.

This one is a Durer drawing, it looks much cooler hung up on the wall now, but there's a lot going on it it, I still can't figure it all out. My drawing is the second one from the bottom with words on it. I had no idea what I was drawing at the time, but it turns out I spent about 3 hours of my time drawing what turned out to be an old man's foot. Funny.

Well, that's what I got for now. I am sure I will have plenty of other ridiculous things to show you before the semester is over.

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