Monday, October 19, 2009

Isadora Duncan

For one of my classes (an English/Women's Studies Course) I am reading the autobiography of Isadora Duncan, titled My Life.
I am ashamed to say I had never heard of this amazing woman before this class. She is essentially the inventor of modern dance. In her autobiography she also prides herself on being one of the first women to write their life story truthfully.
She created a dance form that was so natural and beautiful, and she danced barefoot and never lost the child that remains in us all. She was the first to use classical music as choreography, and found inspiration from ancient statues, paintings, and poetry.
Not only was she a beautiful dancer, but she was amazingly smart and driven. The perfect role model.
Her life was full of beauty and tragedy, and it ended far too soon. She did so many great things, and she had potential for so much more.

Here is a video I found from the Isadora Duncan Dance Group, so you can get a feel for her style.
It's funny to think that a dance style so common now was once rejected by so many people.

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