Saturday, October 17, 2009

London Files- South Bank

One of the greatest things about London is how the history of the city is so visible. Everywhere you go,you see the very old right next to the very new. It makes for a gorgeous city.

South Bank is one of the places where this juxtaposition is most obvious.
Across from Westminster Abbey you get something like the London Eye, and on the way to Shakespeare's rebuilt Globe Theatre you walk through skateparks and come across landmarks like the Millennium Bridge and the oh-so-modern-looking Tate Modern, which I still regret never making it to! But I'll get there.

The time I spent at South Bank- going to the museums, taking a film and television tour, taking a trip on the London Eye, wandering into the Globe Theatre, having a drink looking over the Thames- these are some of my fondest memories of the time I spent there.

You better go see it.

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