Sunday, October 18, 2009

Last Night, I found the Wild Things...

...and they have great taste in music!
The movie was great.
The things that made it the most great were...
1. The awesome lighting- it's like the whole thing was filmed right before sunset.I refer to it as "magic hour."
2. The music was incredible. So childlike, extremely emotional, and just beautiful, creative.. it's just fabulous ok?
3. The movie made me a little bit sad. I feel like Max and childhood me have a lot in common. A little bit odd, extremely imaginative, and just dying for a little bit of attention. I cried a little maybe. Incredible movie.

Anyway, I found this video on youtube that has the one "song" they used in the movie.
It's not on the score.
I just looked it up, and it's from the Arcade Fire's album "Funeral" and it's titled "Wake Up."
I have a couple songs off of this album already but this has inspired me to buy the rest.
Enjoy the video!


  1. oh my god that album does crazy things to my brain. it's so sad but also so, like...I don't want to say epic but it is

  2. oh man, this makes me want to see it right this second!



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