Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Countdown...

Well, its almost time to go back to school for my LAST SEMESTER AT BU!
I can't even tell you how thrilled I am to finish my undergrad and move onto bigger and better things. Though I have learned so much from my experience there, it hasn't been the easiest time in my life. Good or bad, I've learned a lot, and at this point I think I've learned the bulk of what I am going to. I could be wrong. but, now that I am 100% sure of what I want to do after BU, I am just excited to get to it!

Yesterday, I went to an information session at Columbia University School of Social Work.
Going there, hearing about the program, asking questions... after it all I felt this overwhelming sense of relief. I thought to myself, "I am making the right decision."
Finally, some direction! Even if I don't get into Columbia, just knowing what path I want to pursue and being so positive about it... it feels amazing.

It's weird, on the inside I feel like I am done with undergrad. I keep forgetting that I have 16 more credits to fulfill before I can even be considered for grad school. So in the few days I have left before heading back to Boston, I have so much left to do:

1. Finish my applications. I have already submit my applications to NYU, Sarah Lawrence, and Fordham. I have to finish my Columbia application, which is a little more specialized, and also complete my application for CUNY Hunter.

2. Clean out my room. I am getting it repainted and refurnished for when I move back home. New start, new room, new productivity. Right now, as you've seen in previous posts, my room is a dark teal color. I am going to paint it a light yellow color.

3. Pack my things. I feel like this break went way too fast, so I am totally not in the mindset of gathering my belongings, saying my goodbyes, and driving back up to school. This break, this past semester, these past few years, they have really flown by.

I know that a lot of people say, "People never change."
Though people may never change, they certainly do learn, and I have learned so much. Mostly about myself and the world and how life really works. Though I haven't been completely thrilled with my experience at BU, I am afraid to think about what things I wouldn't have learned if I had chosen a different school, made different choices, etc. Weird to think about, isn't it?

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  1. I felt the same way during my last semester at Emerson. I think that's why I came to New York almost every other weekend, and then when I wasn't physically in New York, my head sure was. It was weird, but graduation was such a happy, positive thing since I knew how much I had to look forward to!

  2. last semester?! boy oh boy! you worked hard didn't you?! i still have a year or two more to go!!! im so jealous of you!!! hahah.. i hope you have fun in everything!



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