Friday, January 15, 2010

Delicious Creations

While I have the time before the craziness of the semester kicks in, I decided to go on a little trip to Whole Foods, and I came back with a hell of a lot of fruits and veggies.

For Christmas, my mom made me a really cute gift. It was a homemade cookbook of all of my mom's favorite recipes, as well as the really basic recipes for things that I often call her asking her how to do correctly. I decided to look through it today and try out a few of the recipes, here's what happened...

This dish is called ceviche. It's a South American dish that can be made in a variety of ways. My best friend's mom is from Ecuador and she makes the most AMAZING ceviche, which I try to replicate. My mom made her own version, inspired from Maria's ceviche and Ina Garten's. This is my first time making it myself, but I'd say it was a success! You can put whatever you want in it, but I chose to keep it simple for the first time and just stick with shrimp instead of fish or squid or anything else. Maria's secret ingredient is to add a couple tablespoons of Heinz ketchup! It sound's weird, but it totally makes a huge difference.

Here, we have the yummy guacamole. In my opinion, gaucamole simply isn't worth it unless it's fresh. And when it's fresh, it is my all time favorite food. This is also a recipe my mom gave me, but guacamole is truly something that needs to be tasted, tested, and tweaked in order to achieve perfection.

So. Good.
Both are served cold and eaten with an entire bag of tortilla chips.

Let me know if you want recipes!

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  1. looks yummy! i bet my hubby would love both of those dishes!! i'm not a seafood gal nor a guacamole gal either.



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